International Trade is Easier With Buybase


The fact that the domestic market has been going through hard times in recent years due to economic difficulties has made a country's small, medium, and large enterprises eager to participate in global trade. However, while companies are opening to foreign markets, they encounter obstacles and problems in various areas such as financial, administrative, and technical issues, export country regulations etc. Among these problems, the leading ones are listed below:

  • Technology and R&D,
  • Lack of qualified employees and language problems,
  • Production costs,
  • Transportation, storage and distribution,
  • Standardization,
  • Customs controls,
  • Competitors and the intensity of competition,
  • Government practices and import limits,
  • Counterfeit products.

Such problems prevent small and medium-sized enterprises from embarking on international trade. Buybase helps address this thanks to its innovative approach to foreign trade. With critical modules, Buybase is challenging the status quo aims to disrupt and simplify how we do business.

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