Meet All Your Business Needs in One Place: Buybase


The world is at a point where all commercial, economic, and social boundaries and rules are starting to change. Small and large companies have started to take actions to keep pace with the change and find solutions to their global or local e-commerce problems. The lack or inadequacy of practical warehouse or transportation management systems are only a part of those common trading issues. Consequently, the need for an easy and fast global resource planning platform to facilitate global e-commerce emerged. Investing in technology worldwide, Dr.Salim Satır P.Eng, provides a solution to this need for a global sourcing platform with Buybase, which he created with expert teams in Turkey and other countries.

Buybase aims to simplify end-to-end operations for small and large businesses as well as individuals alike. Buybase’s ecosystem allows all its stakeholders to participate in production, sales, purchasing and trade while keeping everything simple and transparent. With the vision of becoming "the digital village of the future,” Buybase aims to improve our personal and professional lives by offering many opportunities with its flexible and extendable set of features.

Buybase’s Technological Management Solutions

Buybase allows all its users to benefit from its own application software. Designed with the user in mind, Buybase’s enhanced transportation management, warehouse management, digital asset management, payment system and other features cater to a wide variety of needs.

Buybase’s goal is to create a digital environment where all individuals can manage the entire supply-chain, logistics, production, and consumption interactions on a global scale.

Latest News About Buybase

International Trade is Easier With Buybase

The fact that the domestic market has been going through hard times in recent years due to economic difficulties has made a country's small, medium, and large enterprises eager to participate in global trade.

Domestic and International Transportation Management

It is very difficult, especially for companies engaged in international trade, to transport products across borders and to carry out intercontinental and transoceanic transfers.

Small and Mid-sized Businesses Overcome Difficulties with Buybase

Small and mid-sized businesses face a wide range of difficulties in their initial years of operation with the rapid technological improvements in the business world.