All-in-one digital ecosystem

Buybase is a comprehensive digital ecosystem and resource management platform that facilitates end-to-end management of global commerce for individuals and businesses alike.

Buybase helps businesses overcome chronic challenges in international e-commerce such as payments, supply-chain management, shipping charges, customs duties etc. Buybase does this by bringing buyers and sellers together on one seamless platform. Buybase bridges digital and physical infrastructure by making international trade, logistics and warehousing processes available in the same space with a glocalized approach.


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End-to-end Global Commerce

Buybase combines global and local approaches to business operations. This glocalized infrastructure enables businesses to think globally, act locally to embrace global opportunities while ensuring efficient and localized operations, ultimately achieving growth and success in the ever-expanding global commerce landscape.

Companies can easily register at Buybase, add their products, stock their products in Buybase warehouses and sell them to both domestic and international customers via Buybase marketplace, all whilst using Buybase logistics and transportation management systems. Individuals, sole proprietorships as well as mid to large size companies can reach the international market more easily by overcoming complex customs processes as well as difficulties in international transportation and warehousing.

This global resource management system includes simplifying things such as listing, buying, selling, international and local transportation management, warehouse management, multi-channel order fulfillment, inventory management, order management across platforms as well as finance and digital asset management tools - all in one seamless space.


Our Projects

Transportation Management System

Plan, optimize and execute the shipment of your goods using our specialized Transportation Management System.

Warehouse Management System

Optimize all your warehouse processes with online retailers, manufacturers and physical storefronts and track your supplies.

Inventory Management System

List your products and view accurate and current stock status while tracking inventory through all commercial stages.

Order Management System

Manage order processes from placing the order to fulfillment - order entry, inventory control, tracking, warehouse and shipping.

Payment System

Instant and easy solutions for all business needs with reliable payment infrastructure and affordable rates.

Customer Relationship Management

Organize information by tracking all client interactions and leverage them for stronger customer relations.

Digital Asset Management

Manage and render digital assets at any stage - from creation and upload to publishing and archival within one online ecosystem.

Learning Management System

Design, monitor, and deliver learning programs to organize all educational processes and allow trainees to prioritize their workload in a trackable manner.


BuybaseGO aims to allow users to address all their travel needs with the click of a button: be it hotel reservations, airport transfers, flights and more. BuybaseGO gives users access to various services related to travel such as accommodation, ticket bookings, car rentals, tour organizations, and even medical tourism.


Latest News About Buybase

Press Covers Buybase Ecosystem

Our global e-commerce and ERP ecosystem Buybase is already getting press coverage on its Alpha version!

Buybase’ Founder Salim Satır to Speak to Press

Our founder, Salim Satır, made statements to press organizations about the scope of our global e-commerce and ERP ecosystem Buybase and our ongoing projects.

Buybase in the News!

We are thrilled to announce that our flagship project - Buybase, is gearing up for its alpha release!

Meet All Your Business Needs in One Place

The world is at a point where all commercial, economic, and social boundaries and rules are starting to change.

Domestic and International Transportation Management

It is very difficult, especially for companies engaged in international trade, to transport products across borders and to carry out intercontinental and transoceanic transfers.

Small and Mid-sized Businesses Overcome Difficulties with Buybase

Small and mid-sized businesses face a wide range of difficulties in their initial years of operation with the rapid technological improvements in the business world.

International Trade is Easier With Buybase

The fact that the domestic market has been going through hard times in recent years due to economic difficulties has made a country's small, medium, and large enterprises eager to participate in global trade.

Warehouse Management Systems and E-commerce

Warehouse management in e-commerce is one of the most important processes for online trading, although it is often a difficult process for businesses due to its complex nature.