Warehouse Management Systems and E-commerce


Warehouse management in e-commerce is one of the most important processes for online trading, although it is often a difficult process for businesses due to its complex nature. Correct warehouse management ensures that the products are delivered to the customer in a fast, safe and complete manner.

The most basic details to be considered in warehouse management can be listed as shelf layout, inventory and stock management, and calculation of all costs that will arise during the storage process. However, today, all businesses may encounter various problems in warehouse management. Some of these problems are;

  • Returning refunded or exchanged products to the supplier,
  • The backlog of work resulting from the shipment of products over the capacity to the warehouse,
  • Deficiencies/inaccuracies in the documents and information of the products arriving at the warehouse,
  • Mixing/disappearance of the products waiting in the warehouse’s goods reception section.

Warehouse management systems are used to eliminate or minimize such problems. E-commerce warehouse management system integration, which is one of the ways to increase the profit margin without disrupting the sales operations, is one of the most important tools that increase the sales performance of the enterprises. Buybase aims to eliminate the problems experienced in warehouse management with its Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The first feature that makes Buybase’s Warehouse Management System special is that it works on a cloud and in integration with other modules such as Transport Management System and Customer Relationship Management within the Buybase platform. Offering both local and international warehouse services, Buybase’s WMS is simple to use and designed for large, medium and small businesses to use effectively and easily. It aims to save time and money and increase efficiency for all kinds of businesses by eliminating the complex installations and expert assistance required by other warehouse management applications.

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